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dorene halseth


I grew up in Hayward until my middle school years when my family moved to Dublin. As an adult, I moved to San Leandro where I met my husband, John Halseth. We married in 1979, moved to our current home in Hayward in 1981, and have raised two sons. I'm definitely a local and very appreciative of the diversity we have in the Bay Area! 


I graduated from Chabot Community College and worked clerical/secretarial positions before beginning work at East Bay M.U.D. (the local water company) in 1976. Thankfully, EBMUD was not adverse to promoting women to non-traditional positions and in1980 I started working with their underground construction crews. I returned to college to take night courses in survey, public works inspection and business management. I eventually worked my way up to Superintendent of Construction and Maintenance, supervising seven pipeline installation crews and support personnel, a position I retired from in 2010.


I was raised in the Presbyterian Church, attending First Pres Hayward with my parents and grandparents. I eventually started attending Westminster Hills Presbyterian, which was smaller and more active in local social justice issues. My parents owned their own business so growing up I helped with various duties including accounting. I’d also taken some accounting courses in college so when the church had a need for a bookkeeper, I volunteered. Later, when Westminster Hills and Mt. Eden churches merged, I continued to assist the Treasurer. When the Treasurer at New Bridges stepped down, I stepped up to fill the void.


I love traveling (especially cruising), eating good food, and reading. I enjoy a good mystery and books that provide insight into other cultures or social justice issues. 

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